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When you choose Loft London for your Loft Conversion and extension, we know that you will be delighted with the results. Specialising in loft design and conversion our 100% bespoke projects are surprisingly affordable and are often completed in only a few short weeks.

As one of the leading loft conversion company in London, and our specialists carried out many design and build loft conversions and renovation projects and turned even the most difficult space into something really beautiful. Whether you need more space for a family that's increasing in size or just want to add value and expand to make a hobby room, whatever the dream, then Loft London can turn even the most ambitious dream into reality.

Our aim is always to complete the work with the least stress and hassle as possible. Starting from the design to the build and all the architectural drawings, our dedicated project manager will take care of everything. He will also see structural calculations to planning permission and construction.

You may be thinking of moving house to get the extra room that you need, but before you do, consider the fact that having a loft conversion can add as much as 25% to the value of you house and will be less expensive than moving house and can provide you with the extra living space that you need without going through all the hassle that a house move entails.

Loft Conversions Specialists London

Types of Loft Conversions in The UK

You will find four kinds of loft conversion in the UK. You can use a loft conversion in the form of a guest bedroom, playroom or study room and even add the flooring space to increase value to your property. You may have to spend somewhere around £20-45,000 in
4 to 8 weeks for converting the empty space into a loft.

In order top decide what form of conversion will fulfill your requirement, you have to consider the line and shape of the present roof, your development rights and estimated budget. By hiring a skilled architect, he will understand how to draw the exact plan for your house.

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The Benefits of Loft Conversion with Loft London

1. To give yourself more space

Having you loft converted is an easy and fast way that you can transform your living space and give yourself the extra space that you need for a growing family. You can make the dead space in your home really work for you.

2. Increase the value of your property

There is no doubt that a loft conversion can add a lot to the value of your home when the time comes to sell. In the mean-time you have the space while instantly adding up to 20%to the property’s value.

3. Creating a room with a view on the world

Often a loft conversion will consist of a large window that is located on the roof and gives a great window onto the world and a perfect vantage point for star gazing on those clear nights. As they are higher than the other windows in your home you will have a completely different view on the world you live in

4. Creating energy efficiency

Another big bonus to having a loft conversion is that while the loft conversion is done you can have the roof insulated so that that room stays warm in winter and protects you from heat in the summer.

5. Less disruption than moving home

When you add a loft conversion it may be all you need to give you enough space for your growing family without facing the daunting and very expensive prospect of moving home.

6. Adding sound proofing for a quieter life

Whether the noise is coming from your children's playroom or from external factors, having sound proofing added can give you a welcome relief from noise pollution and make your home a tranquil space for you to live in once again.


Are you searching for a loft conversion companies near me in Google? Being a reputed loft conversion company for more than 25 years, we possess years of experience in building the loft conversions. We possess traditional skills and use them with the latest technology to create the perfect space for our esteemed customers. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Loft London.


One reason that we are a big favourite with our clients is our price matching. If you find a cheaper price for the same work, we will match it.


All our designs and work is completely bespoke to you and with close collaboration we will ensure you always get exactly what you want. Our loft conversion specialists will oversee each step of the process from the initial design, planning and through all approvals, right on to construction. The process starts with a no obligation free quote with a predicted time-line for the projects. If you have your own structural engineer or architect, we will work along with them.


We offer deposits and warranties that are backed with insurance so that you feel fully protected.


We will carry out a survey on your home. Once we have given you a price, that price is fixed so there will be no surprises. You will receive a quotation with a precise itemisation of costs associated with your loft conversion. The price we agree will always remain fixed. At major milestones you will be asked for a percentage of the overall cost.


Fully managed projects mean that your job is always being overseen by a project manager who is dedicated to the work. As a Loft London client you will have your own manager who will be on hand to ensure that the job always runs smoothly. There will be regular meetings to monitor progress make certain that you always know how the job is progressing, and where you will be free to ask any questions.


We offer a customer service hotline, where a team is available to help.

How Loft Conversions London Works

As a leading loft conversion company in UK, we work with a trusted group of contractors in London who are fully approved. These contractors have been carefully chosen and vetted and, in most cases, have been working with us for many years. Loft London clients will be put in contact, directly, with one of these approved contractors and payments will go directly to them. We are strict in the agreements we have with our contractors and set out a uniform way in which we expect them to operate which allows us to manage them successfully. Our customer service team are always available to help with any issues that arise.

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Loft Conversions London – Site Survey

Loft London Site Survey

Our loft conversion specialists visit you at home and carry out a site survey. All our surveyors observe very strict COVID-19 precautionary measures.

During their visit the surveyor will be able to advise you on what type of layout and conversion will best fit your home. They will also take measurements so that a quotation can be prepared. you can also ask your surveyor to prepare a quote for any other type of work you need as well. And don't worry if you change your mind on any of the points connected with your conversion - you can alter the specification as often as you want, before you commit. As soon as you are happy with the quotation your contract will be drawn up and signed and your price for your conversion fixed and a timeline decided on.

Loft Conversions London – Site Survey

Loft Conversion Planning and Design Process

if necessary one of the members of our architectural team will visit you at home to do a survey and produce plans. if we need to, we can also help with any structural calculation and also help with building control and the submitting of plans for the conversion.

Loft Conversion Planning and Design
Party Wall Agreement with Loft Conversions London

Party Wall Agreement with Loft London

Where properties are joined to other properties and building work is to take place then a party wall agreement will be needed. If you have a terraced property with a neighbour on either side both neighbours will need to be informed of your plans, before you can go ahead. This type of agreement is put in place so that any neighbours to a property that is being worked on are protected. At Loft London we can advise you and expedite these permissions where necessary and put you in touch with a certified party wall surveyor in London.

Party Wall Agreement with Loft Conversions London

The Build

Once all necessary planning and permissions have been gained then the work can start on your Loft London conversion. Typically a loft conversion will take between 6 to 8 weeks. Your dedicated manager will arrange regular meetings so that you can review the progress and ensure that the project is running to time.

The Build
Loft Conversions London Project completion

Loft Conversions London Project completion

when your loft conversion has been completed and you are happy with the work that's been done you will be issued with all the relevant certifications to include building control certificates that you will need if you go on to sell your home. There will also be the Loft London 10 year guarantee.

Loft Conversions London Project completion

Warranty and Insurance on Loft Conversions

At Loft London we are very proud of the quality and standard of our work that is why we are confident to issue a 10-year warranty. You will find a full breakdown of the warranty details in your contract.

  • Your deposit will be protected before the contract starts
  • When your project is complete your warranty will be insured for the remaining period
Warranty and Insurance
Loft Conversions London – House Renovation

House Renovation

Whether you plan a complete renovation or just a redecoration there can be a lot more involved in the design of a property renovation project than you might initially think of. We picked the brains of an interior designer and a consultant to discover some of the more common mistakes that people make when they set out to renovate or redecorate a property.

Loft Conversions London – House Renovation
The Kitchen Extensions – Loft Conversions London

The Kitchen Extension

Perhaps you were thinking of a kitchen extension or of doing other refurbishment work at the same time as you have your loft space converted? Speak to us about adding this work to your loft conversion so that you can keep all the work under the control of one provider.

The Kitchen Extensions – Loft Conversions London
House Extension – Loft Conversions London

House Extension

We are specialists in all kinds of home improvement projects in London, from the most basic to more complex remodelling projects. One thing all our projects have in common however, is that they are always designed to allow expansion of the space in a property both outside and in the interior of a home. Our home extensions allow for growing families to extend their living space without having to move home and enjoy a new and stylish extension to their living space.

House Extension – Loft Conversions London

The Loft Conversions London Process

We know that for somebody without any building experience it can be quite difficult to understand exactly what is involved in the process of a loft conversion. That is why it is so important to have a qualified and experienced company undertaking the work, who can take you from step to step successfully covering all the bases, doing all the necessary paperwork, getting all the necessary permissions and finally delivering a perfect result.

The process will begin with your first visit with us at Loft London. We will come out and do a site survey and then provide you with a free and no obligation quote. The experienced site surveyor who visits you will help you by suggesting what may or may not be possible in the space you have available and will draw up a proposal for the work that needs to be done. Our architectural team will take over at this point and will draw up the plans of what they intend to do and how they intend to do it. All this will be approved by a structural engineer who will ensure that it passes building regulations.

Next, we are ready to move to the construction phase. you will be introduced to the team who will be undertaking the building work and you will be allocated your project manager who will be overseeing the construction. A starting date for the project will be agreed with your builders and they will begin to order the materials that will be needed for your loft or attic conversion.

Here is a handy overview of what we would expect the construction process to look like for a typical loft conversion.

Loft Conversions London Schedule of Works