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A loft conversion is a great way to improve your home’s value without the need to move out. We specialise in quality customised Loft Conversions all over London and have worked across London since 1999. Our projects are usually completed within a few weeks according to the design and always to meet your specific requirements.

We are a reputed Loft Conversion Company in London ensuring every conversion and extension meets the highest standard and finest appeal. Book us for a free site survey to turn your dream into a reality.

Why Choose Loft Conversions London?

Experienced Team of Specialists

Each person working with has industry experience you can trust.

Unrivalled Rates

Our motto is to render the best of services with unbelievable perfection at great speed and amazing prices you can ever find in London.

Customised Design

We customise loft conversions from planning to the build.

10 Years of Guarantee

We stand by our guarantee and will always work with you to ensure everything is as you want it!

Free Quotes

We start by giving no-obligation free quote and our team will take a look at your property to discuss possible loft designs for your home.

Loft Extension

Stress-Free Loft Conversion in London

We ensure you do not feel disturbed and that noise and disruption is kept to a minimum. We will make arrangement for building hours around the work schedule and bring all work supplies as well as materials through scaffolding. We ensure all protective and safety measures are taken to safeguard the furniture, flooring and walls. We will take care of the entire process starting from designing and building to getting proper permissions from the building authorities. If you have your own plans, then we can follow them accordingly.

We have a site manager who will answer all your queries. Our supervisors will meet you to discuss all your needs and take proper specifications of the loft conversion. For more information, check our FAQs.

How Much Value Loft Conversion can Add?

Choosing a loft conversion in London can help to improve your home’s worth without moving out. In simple words, a loft conversion can add almost 25% value to your home.

An attic or loft conversion is the transformation of a vacant attic area into a multi-functional space to use as storage, a study, a home-office, a home-gym or an extra bedroom and en-suite. Nowadays, loft conversion is the most popular home transformation in the UK offering numerous additional benefits.

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Provides more living space

With loft conversion you can get an amazing transformation to your living in fast, easy and convenient way. Turn your home’s dead place into the most lovable corner or space for your expanding family.

Adds more value to your property

Inevitably, loft conversion adds more value to a property if you ever think of selling it. It adds 20% of total value of your property.

Create a space where you feel touched with nature

Only loft conversion can provide you large window on roof side which is often found that provides a way to connect to ‘Mother Nature’. It can be your vantage point to gaze starlit sky at night and ruminating seeing the deep blue sky in the morning. Due to their height, you will have the access to a different view of the world.

Makes the space energy-efficient

It is the biggest ever perk you can enjoy by converting your dead loft space. The insulated roof keeps the room warm in winter while protecting from scorching heat of sun in summer days at the same time.

Minimal disruption and no need to shift home

Loft conversion provides additional living space hassle-freely for your family without entertaining costly and daunting shifting home.

Get sound-proof room for quieter family life

Don’t let the hustle-bustle of city life hamper your family time so welcome a sound-proof room with loft conversion. Have a tranquil private life living amidst in the metropolitan city.

Our Loft Conversion Work Process:


Site Survey and Quote - Our surveyor will fix a suitable time to visit your house. Once the site visit is over, we will draft a quote and then agree on the terms.


Building Regulations and Contract - After signing the contract, we begin the building process. We introduce you to project manager who takes care of any building regulations and planning permissions you need.


Finishing Touch - After the loft conversion is over, we carry out an inspection to identify minor faults and fix them.


Your Loft is done - We will complete all the work and deliver your loft to you.

What Involve in Our Process?

  • Erection of scaffold if necessary
  • Roof opening is made to complete the task from outside with minimal disruption
  • Structural steel beams to support Dormer roof extension, floor and fitting
  • New joist fitting for your floor after the first visit of the building inspector, to receive approval
  • Building of Dormer
  • Completion of internal partitions with noggins and insulation
  • Second visit of building inspector
  • Completion of roof work for Dormer for placement of roof tiles and guttering
  • Erection of complete noggins and loft partition
  • Meeting the building control regulations of wall insulation
  • Window fitting
  • Start work for installing new staircases
  • Installation of power points, electrical cables and lights
  • Fitting of staircase
  • Completion of plaster boarding
  • Finishing plastering on stairwell, loft space and first floor
  • Appointing tiler to add additional tiling (extra cost, if you prefer)
  • Connecting the radiator and installing shower room fixtures
  • Fitting doorframes, spindles along handrails in stairs and skirting of hanging and fixed doors
  • Inspection of fireproofing
  • Gutter checking
  • Final inspection by officer of building control for verification of compliance of the work to building and fire regulations
  • Completion of new loft space and finally, decoration
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Types of Loft Conversions

There are different kinds of conversion and we can give you information on them all. Add an en-suite, wet rooms, study rooms or creative corners and lots more with your forgotten attic space. Generally, The most popular loft conversions in the UK are:

We can install electrical services, storage furniture, cupboards and staircases and lots more. We provide free site survey and estimates for our clients. Give us a call now.

Site Survey

Velux Loft Conversion

Looking for the most cost-efficient option? Go with the simplest Velux Loft Conversion which can extend the interior space without any alternation to roof structure and shape. It can be done with minimal disruption as the process involves mainly internal construction and can be done in any type of property.

Site Survey

Mansard Loft Conversion

This might be the ideal choice if you want additional internal space. The Mansard Loft Conversion procedure involves either both or one side of the roof and the top flat roof. It is mostly suitable for detached and semi-detached properties.

Loft Conversion Planning and Design
Party Wall Agreement

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

You will find this kind of loft conversion mainly on end-roofed, semi-detached and detached properties. As its name suggests, ‘Hip’ refers to roof’s sloping side which is removed to construct a straight wall for the new vertical shape called a ‘Gable’.

Party Wall Agreement

Dormer Loft Conversion

Very popular, this conversion is the simplest to have and is achieved by extending roof space to allow light into the room. In Dormer Loft Conversion, roof structure is altered on its rear sides to add a new flat-terraced dormer.

The Build

How much loft conversion cost in London?

Loft conversion is most affordable and easiest method to boost living space and value to a home. It will costs anywhere from £20,000 to £60,000 in London. Want to know more about our pricing?
Visit our cost page.

Contact Us for Attic Loft conversions Advice

If you are planning a loft conversion, then you may have lots of questions. We are always there to provide help. Go through our FAQ section to see if your question is answered there or get in touch with us either over the phone at 02071005428 or by dropping us an email at

Contact our Loft Conversion Specialists for your free site survey

Take a look at our our portfolio of conversions to get some inspiration for your own loft conversion. Then give us a ring to organise an initial remote consultation so that we can get started on designing that perfect loft conversion for you.



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Does Loft Conversions London have an accreditation?

Our company has accredited specialists in loft conversion. We rigorously assess all accreditations.

Every kind of loft conversion needs to expand the room space. Many small attic spaces need special loft conversion to extend the headroom. Dormer is one conversion that adds headroom. If that is not possible then we will go for Hip-to-Gable which adds more height to a roofline.

A well-planned, designed and implemented loft conversion adds up to 20% to a property’s value.

Your property basically determines the loft conversion type you should go for! We will also consider your budget.

The simplest is a loft space opening providing support for the new structure using new steel beams and adding Velux windows in the roof. This is only possible if there is high ridge that gives plenty of space for creation of rooms without using a Dormer.

Most homeowners prefer the addition of a minimum of one Dormer in the loft conversion. It can be either pitched- or flat-roofed dormer. The Hip-to-Gable there is no need to worry as we will suggest the best one for your home.

On average, the shortest time would be 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Here are the average times for a few loft conversion types:

Dormer- 5 weeks

Roof light- 4 weeks

You may be able to build a loft conversion under permitted developments but with a listed building or property in some designated areas, the laws will be different. We will ensure that you know what is permissible.