Loft Bathroom Conversion Ideas


When you decide that you are going to create a bathroom in your loft conversion there will be several considerations such as design ideas and decoration as well as the cost. At Loft London we have experience of building thousands of loft conversion bathrooms and can offer you a lot of inspiration for your own conversion. As a guide, a loft conversion bathroom may cost anywhere over £20,000 to complete the entire project and that will include installing the shower bath and toilet, tiling and anything else that you decide to have fitted in your loft conversion bathroom. We thought we would put together a few ideas for you to look at that may inspire you when you are planning your own loft conversion bathroom. Of course we will always be here to answer any questions and offer you a no obligation quote.

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Ideas for small loft en-suites

When you were creating a loft bedroom you will almost certainly want to have an en-suite bathroom and even in the smallest space we can help you with design ideas and with our expertise for utilising even the most challenging spaces.

The loft conversion wet room

Loft conversion wet room

If space is particularly tight, a wet room might be the answer. To create a wet room the floor will need to be added with a very slight gradient so that water can drain away and the whole of the wet room will have to be waterproofed. This, however, is a great solution when space is limited and is very popular with our clients.

The shower room solution.

If the space you have available is too small for a bath to be fitted then why not think about having a larger shower? A larger shower will give your loft conversion bathroom an airy feel and you can further enhance the room with lighter colours to give the illusion of more space.

The bath only low ceiling solution

If the space you are working with has a particularly low ceiling then going for a bath only option might be the best way forward. A great idea is to add a skylight to your loft conversion bathroom so that the light floods in above the bath and provides a relaxing place for you to unwind.

A bath and shower combination

Perhaps your loft conversion bathroom is going to be the main or family bathroom. In that case you might want to go for a shower and bath combination. This use of space will provide you with a great solution for a roomy and practical family bathroom.

The loft conversion en-suite bathroom

Everybody loves an en-suite and you can let your imagination run wild depending on the space you have to work with. While some people love a large walk-in shower you may prefer something more exotic like a roll top bath and even maximise the space available by not having a wall between the bedroom and en-suite.

Getting light into your loft conversion bathroom

One of the most exciting things about creating a loft conversion bathroom is the chance to flood the new space with light. Traditionally, and in a lot of homes, the bathroom often has the least light having a small window, an obscured window or sometimes no window at all. When you are carrying out a loft conversion you could put in a skylight and create a room that is filled with light is not overlooked, and through which you can see the stars or the Sky. A skylight is a great way to make your loft conversion or loft conversion bathroom a light filled space that you will look forward to spending time in.


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