Loft Bedroom Conversion Ideas

Loft Conversion Bedroom Ideas

Now that you have built your new space in the loft and are ready to create your new bedroom, we thought you might like some ideas for how to make the most of that space by decorating it and using some ideas to maximise the space.

Whether your conversion has been a hip to gable loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion or any other type of conversion you will want it to look its best whether that is a stylish bedroom in the loft with skylights or a loft bedroom with a low pitched roof we have plenty of ideas to help you maximise the space and develop your loft bedroom to reflect your own style or that of your child or perhaps for a welcoming guest bedroom. We hope you find something here that will inspire you now that your loft conversion has been completed.

There is no doubt that the most common conversion done in lofts is the creation of an extra bedroom. As families expand, creating a new bedroom in an existing home is usually a more welcome prospect then moving home with all the upheaval that that can cause. A bedroom is always a sanctuary so how it's decorated and set out is going to go a long way to ensuring that it is a calm space and one in which sleep is easily achieved.

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Design for your loft conversion bedroom

It is important that the end result is always kept in mind from the beginning of the build. with the vision of what you want to achieve considered, every space can be utilised to create storage and give a coordinated and cohesive look to your new room.

The loft conversion roof terrace or balcony


There is nothing more inviting than a light and airy room and one way of getting light into your knew loft conversion is with a Juliet balcony or a roof terrace. Space in London is always at a premium and adding a roof terrace or Juliet balcony will make you feel as though you have your very own connexion with the outdoors. Imagine a beautiful spring or summer day with the windows open to your Juliet balcony or sitting on your roof terrace with a completely new perspective on your surroundings. Obviously, a roof terrace would be the ultimate but a Juliet balcony will also add light and air and a feeling of space. Mansard loft conversions are often ones that allow for a Juliet balcony and rear dormer loft conversions and hip to Gable conversions are also ideal for this sort of addition.

Making the most of the space in your new loft bedroom

One tip for those of you who want a good night's sleep is to keep the area that you sleep in free of clutter and using every nook and cranny of your bedroom to create new storage is a great way of doing this. It's possible to add fitted built in furniture and that will also offer you a maximised floor space with cupboards built under the eaves - another great idea for saving space and creating storage.

The Velux loft conversion

This popular type of loft conversion does not usually need planning permission and the Velux skylight will let in plenty of light but also offer privacy to your loft bedroom. There are very effective blackout blinds that you can apply to your Velux window and some of them can be bought with smart technology that allows them to close if it rains or to open and close on a timer. Going one step further the Velux Cabrio window will open up to form a balcony that will allow for more air to come in and circulate, in the hot summer months

The Child’s loft bedroom

Quite often people create loft bedrooms for children and with loft bedrooms being away from the main floors at the house you can really give your imagination free reign. You can use bold colours and even build in a feature bed or use other little nooks and crannies to create dens and spaces to store clothes and toys. Children will often love to be involved in the planning of the design and the decoration of a special space that you are creating for them in a loft bedroom.

The childrens loft  bedroom ideas

Whatever you are creating with your loft conversion then you will want it to be a space that you can relax in and be very proud of. Because lofts often stretch the whole length of a property it is possible often to create a large and luxurious feeling space where you can have everything that belongs to you stowed away and have your own little sanctuary at the top of the house. Have a look at our Gallery for projects we have worked on and see if any of those fit in with the dream you have for your own loft conversion. Our expert surveyors and designers will always be on hand to give you the benefit of their advice.


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