Reasons You need Architect Drawings for a Loft Conversion

Reasons You need Architect Drawings for a Loft Conversion

26 Apr 2021

Architectural drawings are an important part for attaining quality conversion. This blog discusses about how these designs can be of great help to convert your loft.

Major purpose of architectural drawings

Architectural drawings are considered to be a set of technical plans that have been compiled together by the architects for laying out a possible design needed for the space. These consist of roof plans, elevations, floor plans and site plans.

They are believed to be a suitable option for setting out the intentions for your loft. Having the eyes of an architect will enable you to find out the right way for maximising on the space and attaining your desired goals like adding extra glazing or ensuite.

Other than discovering some conceptual ideas, architectural drawings can create a big difference for the planning application. Whether you want to make a full planning or opt for the permitted development rights, the accurateness and details in the drawings will ensure your house is provided with the most suitable chance of securing approval in the first time.

Will all loft conversions need architectural drawings?

There is no need to do architectural drawings for loft conversions but they may be needed for some of them. It is necessary for undertaking these kinds of loft conversions.

  • Mansard
  • Hip to gable
  • Flat roof dormer

It is suggested to hire an architect on board as loft conversions will need necessary additions to the roof for increasing height as well as space. The projects that can change exterior appearance of your house usually come under the strict planning scrutiny. So, you need the help of someone to design space who knows about planning and experience in approved structures of the past.

Apart from these, different types of loft conversion will need greater investment. So, if you want to recover these costs, then you require quality design in order to get the correct price for your home.

Benefits of hiring an architect on board

Some benefits of architectural drawings are the following:

  • Inform overall timeline and budget for the expected project
  • Maximise on the space required
  • Increase the value of your home 
  • Suitable chance to secure planning approval when needed
  • Remain within the permitted development rights
  • Visualise future space in a better way
  • Advice from the experts on the latest trends and materials

Risks when you do not want to use architectural drawings

Based on the type, scale as well as complexity of your project, when you do not choose architectural drawings, you are putting yourself at risk of…

  • Planning refusal
  • Penalties when permitted development rights that are not being followed
  • Improper design which may lead to some damage to your home price
  • Additional costs from the contractors and engineers who will probably have to produce drawings which are similar to the ones done by an architect for their own tasks

Use the Internet when you search for an expert who performs loft conversion near me.” It is suggested to hire a good architect and get the architectural drawing done for your new project.