Loft Conversion Cost

Loft conversion Cost in London

Our price for a loft conversion in London starts from £30,000 to £50,000. The cost of loft conversion depends on several factors such as – size, location, type of loft and other specifications. Give us a call for your free quote.

Every loft is different the specifications will dictate how much the job costs. We always recommend you start with a visit from our surveyor who will do a full site survey from which he can prepare a proper quote giving you the most accurate idea of how much the job is going to cost. there is no doubt that a loft conversion can be the answer to a lot of issues where creating extra space as an office or a new master suite or even two children’s bedrooms can make the difference between expanding and adding value to your existing home or facing the upheaval of moving house.

Once you've made your mind up that you are having a loft conversion we will visit and speak to you about the ideas that you have. Our surveyors have a lot of experience and will be able to tell you what is and what isn't possible in the space that you have available.

Fill in our online form giving us some idea of what you're looking for and we will set up your free no obligation site survey to get the ball rolling. the online form will let you fill in your details so that we can get in touch with you. you can also visit our page that details loft conversion costs.

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Our Loft Conversion Costs

A loft pod with only an L section

From £25,000

A Velux or Skylight Loft Conversion

From £25,000 to £30,000

A Dormer Loft Conversion

From £27,000 to £50,000

The Hip To Gable Loft Conversion

From £42,000 - £50,000

Mansard Loft Conversions

From £40,000 -

Our pre-purchase survey

If you are contemplating buying a property and carrying out a conversion on it then contact us for our itemised pre-purchase quote. We can give you a price for a loft conversion that does not include VAT although the price will depend on how large the loft is as well as the external and internal spec. When you're considering a loft conversion then the price represents the costs for a plastered finish and will include all electrics plumbing and heating. Book a free site survey today and one of our Loft Conversions London surveyors will be happy to come around and advise you on what is possible in your loft space and how much it is likely to cost.

How much does a loft conversion cost in London?

The average cost of a loft conversion in London would be anywhere between £30k pounds and £75k pounds dependent on what type of loft conversion you want to have.

The price of a Velux or skylight conversion

One way to carry out our cost effective conversion of your loft is to consider a skylight conversion. This is probably the least expensive method because it does not alter the roofline structure. However what you gain in cost effectiveness you may lose in available space inside your new loft space. it will usually be possible to install a skylight loft conversion in most properties but this will depend on there being enough head height. The head height will be measured from the bottom of the ridge beam to the floor joists and needs to be a minimum of 2.2 metres. For a Velux conversion, Velux windows will be added to the conversion to maximise the light that comes in and this can be a great bonus in a smaller space. Cost for this kind of conversion, because again the structure of the roof does not need to be altered. with either the Velux or skylight conversion you will not usually need planning permission. Conversion can cost as little as £30k depending on the internal specifications and the size of the property in which the conversion is taking place

The cost of a dormer loft conversion

This is probably one of the most popular types of conversion and can cost from as little as £27k pounds up to around £50k pounds. The dormer loft conversion is what we would consider a mid-range price conversion but the big advantage it has is that it will be able to offer a lot more space. Where families are looking for more room this can be an ideal alternative to having to move house and will certainly add value to the property. This kind of conversion will also offer more headspace but you need to be careful if you live in a listed building or a property in a conservation area because special permissions will probably be required. We can advise you in all cases.

The cost of hip to gable loft conversion

This kind of conversion will normally cost anywhere from the low forty thousands to around £50,000, depending on the specification. The hip to Gable loft conversion price will vary depending on, of course, the size but also the internal specifications and the location.

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The cost of a mansard loft conversion

the mansard loft conversion is often considered the elite and the most aesthetically pleasing of loft conversions and can give a stunning appearance to the exterior of the property as well as provide welcome extra space inside it. A mansard roof is categorised by its slope that needs to be of at least 72 degrees. Because this is almost a vertical slant the space within at the property is maximised. Mostly planning permission will be needed for a mansard loft conversion and this will depend on the nature and the size of any customised specifications that are needed.

The cost of other types of loft conversion

There are other variations on a theme with loft conversions and we would encourage you to get in touch with us for the full range of what we can offer. We are always ready to adapt to whatever situation we find and our years of expertise and experience will help you too come to a decision about what is going to be best for you.

The cost of a terraced home loft conversion

Although there are some restrictions as to what conversions can be applied to terraced houses conversions will usually cost from just under £30k to £50k pounds depending on the specifications. We have a wealth of experience in conversions within terraced homes so contact us now to discuss what you are planning for your terraced house conversion.

The cost of a small loft conversion

It is possible to carry out a small loft conversion for as little as 25,000 pounds depending on the type of property its location and the type of loft conversion undertaken.

At Loft Conversion London we are very proud of our reputation for conversions that have exceeded our clients expectations. Contact us now for free no obligation quote and our site survey will come to you and discuss what your plans are as well as give you the benefit of their experience and expertise.


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