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Velux loft conversion – Sky Light Loft Conversion

This kind of loft conversion is a very popular one because it is a cheap and simple way of getting more space. This conversion needs headroom, however, to make the most of the space that is available. Other forms of loft conversion, like a hip to gable, a dormer loft conversion or the mansard conversion will cost more and is more likely to need planning permission.  The Velux loft conversion does not need a lot of construction so will not disrupt in the same way as other forms of loft conversion might.

In London, will I need Planning Permission for my Velux Loft Conversion?


It is less likely that planning will be needed for this type of conversion, because the structure of the roof will not be changed at all, and all that is added are windows planning permission should not be needed.  This situation may be different if your property is in a heritage or conservation area or if your property is a flat in a block.  We will be there to advise and to assist with your planning application and our architects will always ensure that all the work complies fully with building regulations.

With a Velux Window how much more light will there be? 

A Velux window will always let in a lot of natural light and will also provide ventilation. It will also preserve your privacy so a Velux window will also work very well in an office as well as in a bedroom or bathroom.  In the summer months you could use a blackout blind to stop the room becoming over heated. There is also the cabrio system that means that the Velux window can be transformed into a balcony for that extra bit of luxury!

What is meant by a smart window?


With the large range of Velux windows that we offer, there are some that do not only offer ventilation and flood the room with light - we can fit a Velux window for you that will also automatically open and close. The power for this function can be taken either from mains electricity or from solar power. These smart windows will also come with a sensor for rainfall meaning that your window will close if there is a sudden downpour.  If the area you live in is very noisy then why not consider reducing the noise pollution by half with the Velux Super Sound insulation?

What is the cost of Velux loft conversion?

Usually we would say that the cost of this type of conversion will start at around £28k not including VAT. This cost, however, will fluctuate and be dependent on how many windows are required and also on the actual size of the roof. So that we can give you an accurate quote for your conversion, we will send a highly experienced surveyor to your property to discuss what it is you are looking for and to take the measurements that will allow an accurate estimate to be prepared.

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