7 Great Ideas to Organize a Room with a Loft Bed & What to Put Under a Loft Bed

7 Great Ideas to Organize a Room with a Loft Bed & What to Put Under a Loft Bed

22 May 2021

Loft beds are actually more than your bed. Several exciting ways are there to arrange a room with a loft bed and it might be really difficult to know what you can keep beneath a loft bed so you may use the room efficiently. Below are some loft conversion ideas of what to put under a loft bed for organising the room really well.

  • Put a bean bag, hammock or couch under the loft bed
  • Use a display shelf that has proper decorations or plants beneath the loft bed
  • Select a workstation under the loft bed
  • Add shelves, baskets and rug for turning the area under a loft bed into a playroom
  • Add up some shelves under the loft bed for forming a closet
  • Turn area under the loft bed into your private space
  • The area under the loft bed seem to be a multifunctional area with shelves

Put bean bags or couch beneath the loft bed

You may use loft beds for making your room appear super cozy. Turn the loft bed into relaxing area by using the space beneath the loft bed as hang out area.  You may add bean bags under the loft bed for making the atmosphere more comfortable. Select the appropriate color and size of bean bags that will match with your loft bed. Accent colors work well when you decide to contrast them with the colors of your loft bed. Bean bags can be shifted around if you decide to change the design of your room.

Add a display shelf that has some decorations or plants under the loft bed

It is necessary to organize your room so that the loft bed is considered to be a decorative element. There are several ways to become creative with your loft bed and without the need to mess with the actual bed at the top. You may add up open shelves near loft bed and then fill them with decorative elements you really love.

When you want to turn the loft bed into an art work, try to keep the remaining room decoration really simple so that it is not overdone.

Include a workstation under the loft bed

If you work from home or have the habit of bringing your pending tasks at home, then this is indeed a good idea. You may change the area under your loft bed into personal work space. You will find two ways for doing it and these are – purchasing a loft bed that has been built with a desk below and the other is to adjust the regular loft bed with the addition of some shelves and auxiliary desk.

Selecting a minimalist style workplace is generally created with a shelf that acts in the form of a desk and chair. If you are having lots of office supplies and require an extensive organization, then you may choose more shelf space or add up the organizers.

Add shelves, baskets and rugs to change the area under a loft bed into a playroom

If you would like to organize the room with a loft bed and make it a playroom, then your kids will just love the idea, and keep the room properly. Mostly, kids make a lot of mess when playing with the toys and so, the entire room gets cluttered with their things. It is quite easy to trip over the things and get hurt anytime. When you separate the area under the loft bed as a play area, you can actually avoid the clutter.

You may add some colorful shelves and baskets in the area under loft conversions in London and ask your children to keep things back to their actual place after they finish playing.

Add shelves beneath your loft bed for a walk-in closet

This is certainly a great idea, when you stay in a small space and keep things in an organised way. You may add up the shelves along three sides of the area beneath the loft bed for changing the space into a walk-in closet. Include cabinet lights in the closet and try to sort your clothes by favorite color.

If you do not like the idea of an open closet, then you may add doors to the closet or purchase curtains. Anything may look good based on the colors and materials you select. You can make the small space appear bigger by selecting the shades that go really well with one another.

Turn the area beneath your loft bed into a private space

Being kids, everyone had the fantasy of having a secret place for ourselves. A loft bed can actually help to make this fantasy come true. Rather than keeping the place under your loft bed open, you may cover it by all sides to make a room inside. The private space can be used with a high loft bed being placed in a room that has high ceilings.

You can even using this small space for medication, writing or doing something that requires full concentration. Try to decorate the outer walls with some wallpapers and the idea is simply great for open-floor plans where different rooms are not separated by the walls.

The area beneath the loft bed can be a multifunctional space having shelves

You can make the loft bed multifunctional by trying to be more creative. Divide the area beneath your loft bed into several sections and assign different areas for various purposes. Selecting a loft bed of king size can make it easy to execute in comparison to a small loft bed.

Try to place the loft bed at the room’s center and somewhat close to the wall for ensuring maximum flexibility and organizing the space with several ideas. You may install open shelves at the sides for displaying decorative things and closed cabinets for additional storage. After this, you may add a lounge area or workstation, or both directly beneath your loft bed.

Thus, you need to contact experts who can help with loft conversion company in the UK and make the space more efficient for use.