8 Steps to Follow for the Conversion of a Loft

8 Steps to Follow for the Conversion of a Loft

17 Apr 2021

Loft conversion can help to add up extra space and more value to your house. Whether you want to include another bedroom, guest room, playroom for your kids or study room, it is the time to find out what the loft will provide. 

8 Main steps for building a loft conversion

Step 1: Go into the loft

If you have not been there for some time, then pull down the ladder and look properly. You may raise the roof’s ridge or lower the floor though this can be costly and needs planning permission. 

Step 2: Choose a good architect

This is believed to be the most thrilling part of your project. You need to hire a good architect who may guide through the project from the start to the end. You will find different kinds of loft conversion in London and so, you need the suitable solution that will fit your home and lifestyle. An architect will help to take important decisions and provide proper guidance.

Step 3: Know the permitted development rights

Other than lifting the ridge of roof, you do not require planning permission for a loft conversion. 

Step 4: Obtain your lawful development certificate

Even though you convert the loft under your permitted development rights, make sure you use floor plans, 3D renders and elevations for the lawful development certificate. This ensures your project will be approved so that you are protected at the time of selling your house.

Step 5: Say hello to the neighbours

According to experts of a loft conversion company in London, you need to hire an engineer who will take an overview of your property. It is suggested to do it early and stay away from costly changes as well as delays at the last hour. It is important to take the consent of your neighbor for developing a party wall. They won’t be able to stop loft conversion but they may appoint a wall surveyor whom you have to pay if they want.  It is easy and acceptable between you and your engineer but you should click lots of photos on both the sides of walls. 

Step 6: Talk to an estate agent

Converting the loft may add up considerable value to your house, particularly when you want to include a bedroom. This could be something in the range from £100,000-£150,000. When planning to shift your house, get it touch with an estate agent and consider whether adding a loft bedroom seems to be a good option.

Step 7: Go out to tender

If you have some plans, then it is important to keep the lawful development certificate in proper place. You might have schmoozed with the neighbours and an engineer will look after the property at the time of finding a builder. Make sure you speak with at least 3 to 5 contractors and tell them they aren’t your only option.

Step 8: Move out if possible

If you can, try to remain at home when converting the loft with minimal disruption to your life. The builders should build scaffolding from the front of your house and access the property without stomp wet boots through the remaining house.

You may use the Internet to find a loft conversion Company London.” This will enable you to use extra space in the house and make necessary additions for your requirement.