How Loft Conversions can add Value to your Home

How Loft Conversions can add Value to your Home

11 Apr 2021

Are you planning to expand your valuable home and add lots of space? Well unlike many homeowners, you might not consider extra space and know about your project’s worth for home. Will a loft extension or conversion actually improve more value to your home? Read on to know about it. 

How loft conversions can add value to your home?

The answer is yes as homeowners may add up by almost £100,000 + to their home’s value with a loft conversion company in London by opening up 24 square meters of additional space in the property.

All loft conversions have not been made equal and the value conversion add differs based on the location of your property. The houses in the North East will see almost £38,000 for new value while the same space will bring around £98,000 for the South East. It is noteworthy to consider that the value will decrease in the South East as per the transport facilities to London. 

London has the highest increase in price and the space remain at a premium which means there is another bedroom with en-suite. This will add up to £200,000 for your property in the high-value areas.

What you should know about loft conversions

If you need sufficient headroom, then it is important to check how steep your pitched roof is. A good architect will advise if or not your project has the needed height for proceeding ahead. You need to consider lowering the ceilings for creating a step in the new design of loft floor or maximizing the heights.

When you do not have them, make sure you consider the amount of space needed to lose on your lower level for a staircase to the loft.

Loft conversion belongs to the permitted development rights which mean you do not require planning permission. By hiring an architect on board ensures you fulfill the requirements to be eligible and advise on how to unlock maximum potential from the loft.

Be careful about the prices of ceiling as despite how much you renovate, you won’t increase the value of your property after some point. Your house will remain the same and so, it makes no sense to waste money if your goal is to make huge profit. 

How can a conversion or extension add value to your home?

The loft conversion provides great value to your home despite where you want to create it. But when you want to remodel your home within the permitted development rights, then you can make more space through the loft conversion. This is because you have been limited in how far you may extend while building in the rear or at the side.

The value can be determined by what you want to make with the extension. Loft conversions in London seem to add a new room like bedroom or study room. But different use side or rear extensions may extend the present function spaces such as a dining space or a kitchen.

Other ways to increase value to your property

  • Convert the garage – Unlike a loft conversion, you may add new rooms to your house and this can be done without the planning permission.
  • Renovate different rooms – Living openly is the latest trend that does not go anywhere and so, you should think of giving your house a makeover. This can be done by knocking down certain walls and opening up the kitchen and living spaces.
  • Update cooking area – A basic makeover like replacing the fittings and fixtures may leave an impact on the value of your house. 
  • Add a conservatory – When the complete extension exceeds your price range, a conservatory seems to be a great alternative. This is because they have been constructed off-site as they are inexpensive and do not impact much in your life. Make sure you invest in the glazing so that you do not boil during summer and freeze in the winter.

Do you want to know how much value can be added to your home? You can use the Internet for a loft conversion company near me and get the work done by the experts.