Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer Loft Conversion London

Most type of loft conversion in London is without doubt, a dormer loft conversion. This conversion will be constructed using the existing roof slope and provides a way of adding extra space to your property that is really cost effective. Some kinds of dormer loft conversion can give up to 50 cubic metres of additional space, although that will depend on the size and the style of the extension and the type of house you live in. Work is carried out from scaffolding that will be erected outside your home, so there will be little disruption to your daily life.

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What is dormer loft conversion?

The dormer loft conversion is actually a structure that is an extension and protrudes out of the original sloping roof under which additional space can be created with extra headroom. Using this type of conversion, even the smallest of loft rooms can be made larger with dormer windows transforming the space by adding light. This type of conversion can be carried out at the back or at the front of a loft and is probably the simplest way of providing extra space in a home.

A loft conversion that is called a shed-roof-dormer is a very similar way of extending space as is often done with the flat roofing option but in this option will be angled the roof slopes at and can be constructed using various materials. This type of conversion is usually used in homes that have a gable-roof.

Different Types of Dormer Lofts in London

Dormer Lofts are available in wide array of sizes, shapes and styles that complement wide range of home designs. We have planning expert to plan and design the conversion for enhancing the appearance of your property. Our motto is to expand and improve the interior living space while keeping the conversion in proportion to your existing house design. Have a look at our kinds of Dormer conversions.

Gable Fronted (doghouse) Dormer Loft Conversion

This type of conversion with its slightly unflattering nickname of the doghouse dormer is sometimes used when a more complex solution is called for where a gable wall extension is built up to the current ridgeline and then a new sloping roof section created, towards the new gable end.

Hip Roof Dormer Loft Conversion

This type of conversion is used when there are slopping roofs on three sides and will produce an anaesthetically pleasing result, especially in certain styles of property. However this kind of dormer conversion will deliver less space in the newly created loft than would be achievable with the flat roof dormer, for instance.

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Is dormer loft conversion in London require planning permission


We are often asked if loft conversions in London need planning permission and the answer to that is usually that they will not, provided they fall within the conditions for permitted development (PD) and are not in a listed building category or in a heritage site or a conservation area where different rules might be applied.

The cost of a dormer loft conversion in London

Of course it goes without saying that the cost for this kind of loft conversion will vary and be dependent on the size and type of conversion to be undertaken. Then there will be the complexity of the job any fittings and fixtures that need to be added etc. However taking as an example a standard conversion of the dormer loft type, costs will start at about £35,000. However accurate advice on the likely cost of a conversion can really only be given if his surveyor visits your home to discuss what needs to be done and after his survey is done and he draws up your quote. There is no doubt that the dormer loft conversion is the most popular style of conversion in London because it can increased space by up to 50 cubic metres in a home. There are several different types of dormer's including the side dormer, window dormer and any of which can be chosen to suit the style of your property but all of which are designed so that you will have extra space and an area flooded with light.

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What should be the ceiling height in dormer loft conversion in London?

One of the factors that will be considered to see if your loft is suitable to be converted is ceiling height. Traditionally a roof will be 2.2 to 2.4 metres and the minimum permissible height for a modern trussed roof should be is between 2.4 to 2.6 metres. The ideal headroom space is set at 2.3 metres although this does not need to be the height all over the floor area, lower levels of height are acceptable for spaces like a corridor a kitchen or a bathroom. Where the available height is lower, then it can still be achieved by lowering ceilings in floors beneath it.

How to light up in dormer loft conversion London?

When you convert your loft it is possible to enjoy natural daylight provided through daylight and dormer windows. Where there are side window that overlooks the property of a neighbour, windows will have to be obscured glass so that they will comply with the permitted development conditions. In some properties it may be possible to add a Juliet balcony rather than windows.

Dormer loft conversion ideas in London

Ideas for dormer loft conversion bedrooms

Dormer loft conversion ideas - Loft Conversions London

Depending on the space available, a dormer loft bedroom can vary a lot in shape and size with some being conventional looking bedrooms and others built around such features as sloping roofs and even chimney breasts. Where you have a sloping roof and are creating a child's bedroom it can be a nice idea to place the bed under the slope of the roof giving the child a space which feels a bit like a den and making bedtime fun. For adult bedrooms choosing a colour like light blue has been shown to aid sleep with moss green and pale yellow colours also being sleep conducive. Be creative about nooks and crannies and architectural features that could easily be converted into storage space.

The dormer loft en-suite bathroom

Having another bathroom in your home especially an en-suite to the master bedroom is high on most people's wish lists. Dormer loft conversions are ideal places to incorporate an en- suite bathroom. This may be a bit smaller but even if they're not huge bathrooms in lofts conversions can still be beautiful. Fitting toilets, sinks, baths and showers into even the more compact of places is something we have had a lot of experience of and our surveyors and designers will help you with creative ideas of how to use your space. To keep your newly created bathroom airy and full of light you can install dormer windows and if your roof slopes, a skylight could be ideal. Then just lie back in the bath and gaze heavenward, at the stars!

Exterior cladding and the dormer loft conversion London

As you plan your loft conversion you should bear in mind that it’s not only the inside results that matters, the outside is important too. The cladding for your dormer loft conversion is an integral part of it and may be subject to regulation if you have a property in a conservation area or heritage site. However if you do not fall into this category these are some of the styles you may consider:

  • Slate tiles chosen to match the existing tiled roof
  • Render - this is only done where the dormer is constructed of block walls and not timber frames.
  • Glass Reinforced plastic - this is a robust material but should last for 20 years or more.
  • Woods - there are many options in this category.
  • Metal cladding - there are a few different types of metal cladding, although copper and zinc are usually the most popular.

How long will my dormer loft conversion take to complete ?

Of course every dormer loft conversion is different but a standard dormer loft will be around 4 1/2 weeks to build although allowing another two weeks to the build time, to cover most eventualities.


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