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There are an awful lot of maisonettes in London that may tend to have larger dimensions than some other types of property and are very common in some of the more upmarket postcodes in south London such as in Maida Vale. It may surprise you to learn that if your maisonette is at the top of a building it may be possible for you to expand into the loft if there is enough roof space for you to do that.

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Describing a maisonette

Maisonette Loft Conversion – Loft Conversion Company London

A maisonette will typically comprise of two or more floors with its own internal stairs and having its own entrance. The name of maisonette is French and means small house. This kind of house is often also known as a duplex and they traditionally have been built over shops as well as sometimes on ground floors of mansion blocks. Originally built and used extensively as public housing after the war they were popular due to their space saving features.

Leasehold maisonettes and party wall agreements

You will certainly have a party wall If you have a maisonette - a wall that you share with neighbours. If you plan any change to that then you will need to get a party wall agreement in place. If your property is leasehold, which many maisonettes are, you will also need to get the freeholder’s permission to change things like a loft conversion or alternately to purchase it from them the freehold for the attic or roof space that you want to work on. This can take some time so it is wise to have all these papers in place before you want to commence the build. If you do own a part of a freehold, which is common with mansion blocks and older maisonettes, you will still need to establish the owner of that freehold relating to your attic or loft space.

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